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Aches like Sarcastic Fringehead, yet still Yvoorg Nam


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The Savage Young Bat
30 March 1971
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"I've got to stay here. But there's no reason why you folks shouldn't go out into the lobby 'til this thing blows over."

* * *

I occasionally write comics. Ride the Oz Experience, dorothy_of_oz! It's got laughter, dancing, and ha-cha-cha! Watch for the revealing Rainbow Strip! We make comic books so you don't have to!

* * *

My name is Mark Anthony Masterson. I have declared myself a Thanksgiving Fairy. That means I get to wear the glitter and make the rules.

* * *

It hasn't been updated in 18 million years, but you may taste of my deviant wisdom spring in the unfathomable wonderfullabs. Or discuss the residue it leaves in your mouth with the forum:

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absolute pleasure, adult swim, alan moore, angels, aokp, ape law, apotheosis, aquabats, bad horror films, badazz mofo, baudelaire, beta band, big black, bill hicks, black adder, black books, brazil, buckaroo banzai, buddy holly, bugs bunny, captain kirk, chaos, chicken tandoori, china mieville, chow yun fat, city of glass, cliff johnson, coffee, cop shoot cop, cruiskeen lawn, dali, dante, david bowie, david foster wallace, david lynch, dead poets, devils, drinks, eddie izzard, elder gods, eliot, elvis costello, eschaton, everclear, evil dead, firewater, foetus, fritz lieber, ginsberg, glam, gonzo, goo goo muck, grant morrison, grapes, groucho marx, guinness, hakim bey, hermey, hong kong films, horselover fat, house of vege, hunter s thompson, ian rankin, italian horror-porn, jack staff, joe bob briggs, killer klowns, kmfdm, knickers, kung-fu movies, language, laurie anderson, magick, marc almond, marx brothers, maxi-yes-man, miraculum, mirrors, mission of burma, mister dark, mister wonderful, modest mouse, monty python, morricone, myles na gopaleen, mysteries, naked raygun, neal stephenson, nicholas meyer, nick and nora charles, nick cave, nietzsche, oscar wilde, pandaemonium, philip k dick, philosophy, plato, red dwarf, robert anton wilson, robots, robyn hitchcock, rock climbing, sam raimi, shaun of the dead, socrates, spaced, squash, steroid maximus, stone walls, strong coffee, superman, swamp thing, tanuki, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, the coup, the fisher king, the royal fizzbin, the tick, the young ones, tim powers, tindersticks, tom waits, transvestites, ty templeton, uncomfortable silence, unearthly children, vainglorious bastards, video games, vinyl, waistcoats, warren zevon, whimsy, whiskey, whisky, whiz kids, william burroughs, william shatner, wine, wisdom, wit, wonder, wonderful labs, wong kar wai, wrath, xxxenophile, zenith, zhongguo hua

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